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So what is SEO, anyway?!

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and search engine optimization is basically a set of methodologies that make it easier for search engines to find, include, categorize and rank your web content.

In short, SEO is the science of improving your site code so Google will want to rank it at the very top of the search engine rankings thus attracting masses of targeted visitors to your web pages. A top ranking can literally explode your sales from one day to the next.

According to Jupiter Media Metrix, 80% of Internet users start off with search engines before they buy anything online. Appearing in the top listings for your specific keywords is the difference between the success and failure for many businesses.

Find the right SEO program for your business. Are you a(n):
About Doral SEO.

Doral SEO [unofficially] started back in 1999 when I, Ivan Jimenez, realized with a bit of website tweaking and content management, a website could rank #1 for virtually any key word and attract huge amounts of web traffic. I say unofficially because at the time, most business owners didn't quite understand search engine optimization and thought all you needed to do was build a site and wait for the bundles of cash to storm in.

Fortunately, I didn't waste time trying to sell a service no one knew they needed. Instead I dedicated my time to learning everything there was to know about search engines and how they decided which sites they'd "grace" with a top listing. During this time I ranked well over 1,000 pages and drew in millions of pageviews for a handful of happy business owners.

As an entrepreneur and veteran SEO and Internet marketer with more than 10 years of hands-on experience in online search engine optimization / marketing for websites, I understand the business challenges you face both online and off and my goal is to provide practical business solutions to meet your goals.
Our services.

I've yet to find a business too big or too small to take advantage of search engine traffic. From comprehensive search engine marketing for larger companies to basic search engine optimization and pay per click packages smaller and medium-sized enterprises, each customized solution is molded the meet your business' goals. We've made it easy for new website owners and local retailers to compete and even dominate the search engines. In fact, we've got a package for you even if you don't have a website!

Bottom line, whether you're goal is to get traffic and leads to your brochure website or you need to improve ranking and increase traffic on an existing website, we've got your covered. We've also helped ecommerce / virtual storefronts, big corporate websites and online publishing / web properties reach their business specific goals with our custom search engine marketing programs.

Using tried and true and 100% Google-approved search marketing strategies, we can deliver a tailored mix of on and offpage optimization which ensures we deliver guaranteed ranking results for your website. We deliver results in the local marketplace and globally be it through search engine advertising or organic SEM. Few companies believe in their SEO services enough to guarantee their search engine optimization and ranking results. We do.

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